About Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the few places on earth where ethnography and ecology are preserved in their original state or very close to its original condition. Bolivia is also unique, intriguing and colorful, yet remains largely undiscovered by tourism. This bizarre country, culturally diverse, geographically exceptional and striking in so many other ways is the ideal destination for an authentic cultural experience in the Americas.

Bolivia’s Unique blend of cultures and climates are due in part to its long-standing isolation from the rest of the world, thanks to its land-locked location and low immigration rates. As such, Bolivia’s indigenous religions, languages, clothes, dances, music and medicine remain all intact, untouched by the passing of time and are an integral part of daily life. Also, the country’s diverse landscapes set it apart from any other.

Indeed, in many ways, Bolivia is two countries in one: the high-altitude Western area and the lowland tropical Eastern area. The contrast between these two extremes could not be more marked: from mentality to lifestyle.

As a land of staggering contrasts, Bolivia is home to an astonishing range of landscapes and sights; from snow-covered peaks of the Andes Mountain Range to windswept deserts, spectacular salt flats, lush valleys, tropical and subtropical rainforests and ancient historical treasures.

The country where McDonald’s failed, where the Spanish left the living legacy of their colonial conquest and where ancient cultures still exist shoulder to shoulder with the trapping of modernity. It is this clash of cultures that makes Bolivia such an authentic, unique and intriguing touristy destination.

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