Special Interest

Bird watching

Bolivia has more than 40% of the total number of bird species found in South America. 1,374 species in sixty-two families, 20 endemic, 37 specialty species and 28 endangered species. In a 3-week tour, 400 species are expected to be seen. Many areas still remain unexplored. Bolivia is placed precisely behind the birding meccas of Ecuador and Brazil. If the diversity and number of birds is the priority, then the lowlands is the area to visit, but if the endemic and the range – restricted species is the priority, the highland is the area to visit. Bolivia is the 6th country with the highest bird’s biodiversity in the word.

Locations: Santa Cruz (Amboró Park, Noel Kempff Park, Buena Vista and surroundings, San Matias Reserve, Samaipata Area and Conception Village). Cochabamba (San Miguel, Chaparé, Carrasco Park, Rio Caine Valley and Machaca Forest). La Paz (Cotapata Reserve, North and South Yungas, Apolo and Rurrenabaque). Beni (Southeast of Trinidad)

Duration: 2 to 3 weeks itineraries

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