Uyuni salt flats

Considered one of the most extreme and remarkable views in the World, Uyuni Salt Flat is the largest and highest Salt Lake in the world – 12,000 square kilometers: twice as big as the Great Salt Lake in the United States. It resembles an impressive, overwhelming and solitary white ocean. Is not a lake in the conventional sense: though below the surface it is largely saturated by water, its uppermost layer consists of a thick, hard crust of salt. Driving across this perfectly flat white expanse, with unbroken chains of snowcapped mountains lining the far horizon, it’s easy to believe you’re on another planet, so harsh and inhospitable is the terrain.

When dry, the dazzling salt surface shines with such intense whiteness that it appears to be ice or snow, while by night the entire landscape is illuminated by the eerie white glow of moonlight reflected in the salt. When it’s covered in water after rain (Dec to April), the Salt Flat is turned into an enormous mirror that reflects the surrounding mountain peaks and the sky so perfectly that at times the horizon disappears and the mountains appear like islands floating in the sky.

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