The city of Santa Cruz is a world away from most people’s image of Bolivia; it is modern, booming and friendly. The people of Santa Cruz are generally more open than their Andean counterparts, and probably because of the weather and the environment they have a relaxed, fun – loving attitude. Santa Cruz is certainly the ideal place for conventions, con- ferences and for all sorts of meetings.

  • Accommodations; modern and stylish (1,277- 5 star beds)
  • Connectivity: a low altitude airport with direct daily connections to Spain, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Panama.
  • Airport distance: only 15 minutes’ from the downtown area
  • Cost: transportation, meals, lodging and connection facilities by far the lowest in Latin America
  • Weather: almost the same all year round (25º C)
  • Political stability: very stable, low occurrence of blockades and demonstrations.
  • Convention Facilities:

— Santa Cruz International Convention Center Owned by Fexpocruz. Eight Pavilions, three convention salons (1,650 m2 1,000 m2 and 650 m2). Up to 7,000 people in different salons at once. 140,000 m2 of total area

— El Conquistador Convention Center owned by Los Tajibos Hotel. A world Class Convention Center with modern and luxurious infrastructure that can accommodate up to 3,600 people. Two large salons that can be subdivided into smaller areas. Fifteen other smaller salons for smaller meetings and back-up offices. A total area of 18,181 mt2

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