Bolivia attracts the most stimulating and enlightened world adventurers. Seems like the proverbial “in the middle of nowhere” was invented there. There are isolated indigenous vil- lages with century old ways of life, many of the world’s climates and ecosystems in only one country, vast and stunning natural reserve areas remain virtually unexplored. Singular cus- toms and spectacular natural sceneries would make Bolivia unforgettable and unique.

Transturin the Premium DMC for Incentive Travel in Bolivia

  • The main objective is to deliver solid business results for the client
  • Programs designed to provide exceptional and motivational experiences to the participants
  • Originality, creativity and innovation are also a priority in the program design
  • Destination cultural and natural resources are maximized to provide an exceptional experience
  • As the owners of the only cruise ships in the most important touristy attraction of Bolivia, Lake Titicaca, several creative approaches have been implemented for private and exclusive cruises aboard the Catamarans in the Sacred Lake of the Incas.
  • The Catamaran Cruise Ships were part of an awarded incentive program. An incentive program that had a Catamaran Cruise Ship as one of their highlights, received the highest honor in the industry: “The Crystal Award”
  • Even though our incentive program structure is broad, the following are some very successful and exceptional experiences we implemented for our clients in the past:
    • Private Catamaran Cruise (owned by Transturin) with exclusive pre-selected entertainment on board; music, dancers, laser, fireworks, unique surprises, inland ancestral ceremonies, team work enhancement on board and in-land events, helium balloons corporate surprises, indigenous performances, corporate surprises and on board gala events.
    • Private Inti Wata totora reed vessel (owned by Transturin) also with a variety of entertainment activities, surprises, teamwork activities, corporate branding, etc. in the biggest totora reed vessel of Lake Titicaca.
    • Inti Wata Cultural Complex in Sun Island (owned by Transturin) the main private touristy attraction on Lake Titicaca is also an ideal location for a diversity of team builder activities.
    • We have also implemented very successful and exceptional activities in the following unique areas: A private gala party in the middle of the Salt Flats of Uyuni. A Private baroque music concert in a Jesuit Mission. A Private event in the most spectacular colonial / museum of La Paz. A Private event in a ceremonial / mystical site. A Private parade portrait of the Oruro folkloric carnival declared heritage of mankind by UNESCO.

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