Amazonic River Dolphin Observation

One of the most bizarre examples of the Amazon fauna is this strange prehistoriclooking mammal locally called the Bufeo and scientifically Inia Boliviensis. This river dolphin is unique; only found in Bolivia in the rivers Ibare and Mamoré. It is a different species from the dolphin of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers. This is the highest river dolphin in the world, 2.80 meters’ long and weighing 180 kilos. It can change its skin color from a pale gray to bright luminescent pink. Until recently, this dolphin specie was considered extinct; only a skeleton remained in a Paris museum. It was rediscovered by a British expedition in 1956; Jacques Costeau astounded TV viewers with the first images of these pink dolphins in 1987.

Location: In the east of Bolivia, near Trinidad city at the Mamoré an Ibare rivers

Duration: From 1 to 3 day-itineraries

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